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      Jiangsu Zhongxing Water Serives Co.,Ltd.,with its headquarters at Taixing Environmental Protection Technology Industrial Park in Jiangsu Province,is akey backbone enterprise of environmental protection industry.The company professional production diving lines up dirty pump,dive the stalk(mix) flow a pump,dive the Guan flow pump and various pump stand equipments,wastewater treatment become set equipments,water work metal product,water supply equipments,take water(float Wu) pump ship,move to pump a car,height to press into a set a control cabinet,automation control system etc.The head company also engages in the designing,construction,installation and commissioning of environmental protection projects and in making investments in and operating water projects.

      The products of the company are widely used in various fields such as municipal engineering,evironmental protection,water conservancy,construction projects,electric power,petroleum,chemical and water supply in cities and towns.Thecompany has provided various types of equipment for the projects of the South-to-North water diversion and bringing the Huaihe River under control and for the municipal rainwater and sewage pump stations and sewage treatment plants in such provinces and municipalities as Tianjin,Jiangsu,Anhui,Sichuan,Liaoning,Henan,Heilongjiang and Hubei and the equipment has successfully operated.As a comprehensive performance of water pumps testing center,the water pump testing center of the company has the greatest testing ability and covers the most specifications of water pumps in the country at present.It can test submersible dredge,axial-flow,mixed-flow and through-flow pumps with extra-large bores and has tested the comprehensive performance of the water pumps of multiple water pump manufacturers and key projects since its establishment.

      Our company takes science and technology as the primary productive force.High standard and good quality constitute its development strategy and making the client satisfied is our inflexible pursuit.The company invests heavily in technological innovation and new product development each year and has established long-term strategic cooperation relationships with quite a few universities and colleges.The company has established the Jiansu Provincial Enterprise Postgraduate Work Station.It has also established a technical research center for environmental protection pumps in cooperation with Jiangsu University,realizing a system of self-owned intellectual property rights and technology.The company has passed and GB/T28001-2001 "Occupational Health and Safety Management System" and has obtained a certificate of Grade "AAA" corporate credit status.Our company has set up a most complete marketing and service system in the coutry and established relatively complete customer profiles and is able to provide the customers with active,fast,all-round and meticulous "nurse-type" services.

      Passion makes dreams come true and responsitility carries hopes.Facing futrue,the advancing Zhongxing Water will take a scientific and responsible attitude,regard social responsitility as its duty and make its utmost contributions to the water undertaking and ecological environment of the whole mankind.
      "Let Zhongxing Water go to the world arena and let nature always retain blue water and a blue sky."

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