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QGL series submersible tubular-type

QGL series diving tubular pump is the submersible motor technology and tubular pump technology from the combination of mechanical and electrical products, new type can be tubular pump itself, and the advantages of using the submersible motor technology, overcome traditional tubular pump motor cooling, heat dissipation, sealing difficult problems, won a national practical patents.
1, inlet and outlet head losses small, high efficiency, in the pump station device low-lift condition, device efficiency and reliable than twice as above.
2, the same conditions, motor power allocation, small operation cost is low.
3, pump suction sink without a basis, KaiWaLiang small.
4, small diameter, appropriate cancelled owing the factory, also can not tall building workshop, use the car to replace fixed crane hoisting.
5, save KaiWaLiang, civil cost is, the construction cost is, reduce installation area, save pump station project total cost 30 to 40%.
6, integral hoisting, convenient installation.
The pump working adapted to the big flow, low head occasions, mainly used for rain, industrial and agricultural water drainage, the waterway pressurization, especially for the drainage and irrigation comprehensive consideration of the water conservancy, flood control works.
Working conditons
Environmental conditions Flow: 3352 m3 / h 38471 m3 / h
Head: 2 m-9 m
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