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Submersible Axial/Mixed-Flow Pump ZQB/HQB

ZQB type submersible axial-flow pump(axial pumps) and HQB type submersible mixed-flow pump are the renwal products taking the place of traditional pump motor unit, with following visual features:

1)By reason that the axial pump can run in the water,axial pumps is helpful for simplifying the earth work and building engineering of pumping station, reducing installation area, and saving 30~40% of project total price.

2)For integration of water pump and motor,axial pumps is unwanted to perform axis-to-center assembly procedure on site, very convenient and expeditious to install.

3)Low noise, no high temperature brought inthe pumping station,axial pumps  is available in building full underground pumping station according to requirements to keep the ground environment.

4)Convenience in operation, axial pumps is not necessary to lubricate the rubber bearing of bump prior to turning on the machine, in addition, remote control and auto control are realized.

5)Can solve the flood resistance problem of the river and lake with large fluctuation of water level.

6)ZQB/HQB pump can be used for farmland irrigation and drainage, industrial and mining dock, urban construction, drainage of power station. ZQB submersible axial flow pump is suitable for the occasion fo low head and large flow, and HQB submersible mixed flow pump is of high efficiency and perfect cavitation performance, suitable for the occasions of large fluctuation fo water level and high head. The trasmission medium is the water or other liquid similar to the water on physical and chemical property, the max temperature of transmitted liquid is 40℃


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